Awe and Wonder
Sunday, 10 January 2016 07:21

So, I saw the movie, Jurassic World, the other day.  I loved the part on the tram ride to the park especially.  Those who saw the original movie might remember the feeling of seeing dinosaurs for the first time as if we were the ones standing next to them on the screen. It was a pretty cool experience.

I’m watching this new movie and the tram ride scene comes up.  It starts in the back of the tram where everyone is complacent and bored.  Jurassic World is now just an everyday thing.  The newness has worn off and what was once spectacular has now lost it’s awe and wonder…until the camera pans to the younger brother on the front of the tram where other young children are.  Here, awe and wonder are rightfully being experienced.

It reminded me that God loves to watch those who keep this awe and wonder throughout their lives when seeking and experiencing Him. Are we experiencing life as an amusement park that we’ve been to time and time again, or is it just as fresh as the first time we came?

God will fill our hearts with wonder when we can’t wait to experience what the day may bring.

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