Fear Not
Thursday, 30 April 2015 01:43

I have decided that when the things of Heaven begin to invade Earth, it has to set a scene of terror. I know it sounds strange, but think about it. When angels appeared in the Word, the first words they spoke were, “Fear not.” God shows up and mountains quake, things catch on fire, violent winds happen, and people fall on their faces.

All of this to say, two things happen: 1. God lets Satan know who still owns this place, and 2. His power can’t be contained. And I have also decided that I am okay with both. So next time you ask for God to move in your life, make sure you have his Comforter (Holy Spirit) to let you know that everything is going to be alright. Plus, it makes for an awesome experience.

May Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done Here On Earth As It Is In Heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
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