Times that Mark Us
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 11:44

“I remember where I was when the towers fell; when Kennedy was shot; when The Storm came.” In the face of tragedy, our lives have a mark placed on them; one that is true and delivers a cold message. So often, we will find that in these events it becomes a call to rely on each other. They are points where we can grieve, grow and rebuild a new life and culture, but they also leave a great scar to remind us. We will never forget what happened. In the wake of great events, we all have a story to tell, in order to bring others a visual picture of our view point and to share in the many puzzle pieces of this beautiful thing God gave us called life.

But what about small events, personal tragedies, our own slip-ups and failures, our troubles, our trials, our losses? These events carry emotions and stories that have greater personal detail, but probably aren’t put on display. Who wants to hear of our addictions and woes in finances, or physical hurts? What can we do when we feel we are the only ones who care about these scars? We must never forget Matthew 28:20. Jesus does not leave us. He saw what we’ve been through, He knows the story, and yet He still wants to hear from us. This becomes a great moment in our auto-biography known as a testimony.

So, I say to live a life worth telling others about. Don’t live in fear of the scars and the details. Always know that we are never alone. There is one who was there when the storms came and will be there long after, the greatest gift the world has ever seen — His name is Jesus.

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