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The Battle Inside
Thursday, 03 September 2015 05:45

Within each wonderfully created human of God Almighty, there is a battle of great magnitude. Satan is a wolf, seeking to destroy you, and make you useless in the Kingdom of God. The Eagle, illustrated in Isaiah, represents the abundant life of the Christian. Both exist, and both are real. We have freedom of choice. Which one will survive and excel? The wolf or the eagle? Whoever told you Christianity is simple and without pitfalls, lied.

We make serving the the Lord, our God, and King Jesus difficult. It does have it’s challenges, but…….we must stand firm, and make bold choices. We can rise up or sink. It is never God’s fault, only ours.

What are we living and striving for? The Kingdom of God on Earth, or Hell in a handbasket? God is in the miracle working realm, and nothing less! We feed and nuture our inner-desires. God or Satan will prevail!

Eagle, no wolf! The father of all lies (Satan) seeks to skew, manipulate, and allure with foul bait and promises that are destined to promote rot, decay, and the shredding of the joy of the Lord in you. Mount up with the wings of the the eagle, soaring to divine heights that the human mind can scarcely grasp. Feed the wolf, or feed the eagle. Your deepest, God designed moments are found when you choose to feed the Eagle. Starve that WOLF, nourish your Spirit, feed the EAGLE!

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